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First and last impressions

B1mbleB1mble Member CommonPosts: 148

Tried this last night and uninstalled it last night.

This has nothing to do with the fact it was 2.5D or the that the music and graphics were mediocre.  It had nothing to do with the fact that there was no character customization or that armour didn't show up on your toon when you changed it (The hat I put on didnt but new weapons did).


It was because we have all seen this game before ad nausea.  Same old same old go kill millions of x and report to y or fedex runs with added 'please spend lots at our item mall'.

If you like that kind of game then more power to you but I would suggest something in 3D with better character customization and more depth than a dried out puddle.



  • AmaneaMisaAmaneaMisa Member Posts: 9

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  • DLangleyDLangley Member Posts: 1,407

    Please do not necro post in old threads. Locked.

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