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New flash game?

FlyingbottleFlyingbottle Member Posts: 47

aika flash games (I think there's no link within the site)

try the pran test lol

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  • DaitenguDaitengu Member Posts: 442

    sassy pan.. I like the smart one more tho lol

  • e.berge.berg Member Posts: 3

    Mine is a cute pran

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    Anime: Naruto

  • BustedbustedBustedbusted Member Posts: 6

    Hey, I just visited the link and man, I was blown away. I already have a teenager pran and I had no idea how she ended up being a Sassy pran. She's kinda creepy dancing like a pole dancer every time I feed her. (lol) So, I came to this Flash game caled "Pass time Corner"  - pran conversation and I roamed around and find out that pran personalities are actually determined by the way you answer questions to them (man, i thought it was only by the food you feed them). So I tried it and answered consciously (I was aiming for a tough pran) and in the end, I got a Fallen pran which is rebellious and well, i guess she was supposed to scare her master away but i still find her more endearing than my Sassy slash pole dancer Pran. I kept trying and managed to get a Tough Pran in the end. Lol. Twas a very cool thing they did something like that. I hope they made the conversation longer though. Character stimulator is also as good although the videos would take time to load. I'm impressed actually, not all F2P mmo's would exert effort such as this to keep their players updated. So kudos! Let's get it on Aikan! 


    Note: I am raising my second Pran and I'll bet all the gold coins I have in my account, she's gonna be tough!

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  • ElgrumPirateElgrumPirate Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Those flash games are nice, but in game obtaining desired personality for pran is much harder and longer process (it takes like 50 or more talks with pran, before she will fix one personality). There are some help resources:

    But still lots of pran's talks is not covered there and only 'common sense' or just luck can help sometimes to choose good answer. My pran at lvl 22 got Suzumiya Haruhi's energetic character (i have japanese sounds, so even talks are similar) and i'm pretty content with that. Aiming for sexy character for another pran, but if i get different character, it will be good too.

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