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Sony Ripping people off?

furidiamfuridiam Member UncommonPosts: 137

What do you guys think of this situation.

I used to play EQ 9 years ago. I decided to give it a try again because i used to love the game. So off i go and create a trail account on my old eq2 station name. After having fun in EQ i decide to pre order house of thule and start playing on oct 12th when it comes out with the free 30 days that comes with the purchase. I had ONLY had the trial of EQ 1 on my station account along with my expired eq 2 sub.

Well HoT comes out and I go to log in......and im informed I do not have a active sub. I go check and I see my card was charged for the pre order. I contact SOE and I am informed that because I did the trial my account is no longer "new" and I am not eligable for the free 30 days.

Whats all of your opinion on this situation?


  • JazqaJazqa Member Posts: 465

    Happened to me when I bought eq2 from steam as it clearly stated that the additional 30 days applies only for new station accounts :/

    EDIT: I contacted to support and they gave me 16days because 14(trial) + 16 = 30.

  • AxeionAxeion Member UncommonPosts: 418

    If you was on a station sub ( as in the 30 a month acess) an had no eq trial tied to the acoutn youd probly just got 14 days .I dont like how they do the trials an subs actualy an have had problems over the years with a yearly sub.

    That said its always best if your gona try a game not to tie it to your main station acess. Then when you buy it youll get the ful 30 if your doing a monthly.Its cheep way they do it but part of me thinks it was to screw over gold salers in eq .Which they have been fairly sucessful imho.

    I wish they went the way of city of heroes buy the full collection have a acount or not youll get 30 days free.


    Thats not just eq by way you try vanguard,star wars galaxey or priates of the burnign sea its the same .

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