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eRepublik the best game ever

It is truely an awesome game. ever think about how stupid polititians are? ever think that you can run the country better? well, i eRep, you actually have a chance at politics, media, military, anything. no, you won't be running against virtual people, you'll be playing with 100% real people just like you. That's what makes it fun. Your newspaper will be competing with other people's newspapers for subscribers. you will be running against real people for a higher position in this virtual world. and the best part? right now, we're completely killing russia, lol.

there's not much use talking about it because you can't understand how awesome it is without actually playing it. so, go to and get an account.


also, when it asks who referred you, copy and paste this link into the box.

it's also in my sig, lol  vvv


now that i said all that, i bet you can't get congress / 100 newspaper subscribers / military CO

eRepublik referrer's link.
if you try out eRep please enter this link in when it asks who referred you.

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