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Does anyone here like this game?

MrG8MrG8 Member UncommonPosts: 108

So far, I've only read bad reviews about PT2 .. I'm currenly downloading it to try it out..

But is there nothing positive about this game?


  • acromaacroma Member Posts: 2

    I've been playing for two days now and it reminds me of PT as in it's core, but they seem to have expanded by adding alot of quests. They also have mounts now. 


    When you log in they give you quite a few items including armor and a weapon for your class.


    I'm playing on Win7 and have run into quite a few issues with textures not being found. Usually from alt tabing to long. 

    I'm looking into the new nvidia drivers to hopefully have a fix.

  • hardjeffhardjeff Member Posts: 5

    Not me, i read reviews from here and mmo that this game is not very good, bad gameplay system and doest even have a refining system. not gonna play this game.

  • bluezone5bluezone5 Member UncommonPosts: 14
    I enjoy playing the game and it's actually really good. I just believe that you have to be a fan of PT to really understand and enjoy the game which is very similar. To answer your question, I enjoy this game!
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