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New Content Being Added (2 New Factions + Zones + BOAT WARS!)


Are you ready to battle, explore, and immerse yourself in brand new lands?! Prepare to become a Hero and battle fierce enemies. Pick a side as we introduce the Miao and Yan factions. And lastly, wield the weapons you've been waiting for! Get ready because this content update is right around the corner!

Here's a preview on what you can expect:


This beautiful, lush land is home to the new playable faction, Miao. Overgrown with vegetation, lakes, and beaches, the area lends itself nicely to their barbaric lifestyle.



Though currently controlled by the Yan, it is questionable if it will stay that way due to the relentless attacks of the Miao. Make your way through this Hero starting zone and traverse the unforgiving, mountainous terrain. Wander into crumbling towns and get a firsthand look of war between these two factions.



As you make your way into the second Hero zone, make sure your armor is repaired! This land may look warm and inviting but it is home to the Miao. Observe their lifestyle in its entirety as you stumble upon tribal architecture and battle their savage soldiers.



The last Hero zone may feel like a break due to the tropical landscape, but this is no vacation. Battle through this oasis and try to stay alive as the Miao strive to take your head!



Saving the best for last, witness firsthand the battle of Chibi! Participate in daily events and quests ranging from collecting supplies, attacking an opposing state, and best of all, immersing yourself in a full on naval battle! Take command of a battle ship and wage war like never before!





Looks very fun/promiseing.. I'am just not sure about adding 2 more factions as they are already ran thin atm.. But w/e, imagine 5 factions fighting eachother during state-wars! Sounds like fun to me lol


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