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Aika online review (classes)

ArtiexArtiex Member Posts: 82

Aika is a PvP heavy free fantasy MMORPG that closely resembles the PvP elements in pay to play MMORPGs like Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the game’s Realm vs Realm battles is that the game can handle up to 1000 vs. 1000 battles, which is quite a feat as the game has beautiful graphics and effects. Aika is actually one of the first free to play MMORPGs with a  large scale Realm vs Realm system and the first to actually have solid, genuinely fun gameplay. With many playable classes, a unique ‘Pran’ pet system and many more interesting features, Aika is certainly well worth checking out. The game’s six playable classes are:

Fighter (M) - Like in most other MMORPGs, the fighter in Aika is a powerful melee oriented class. They have high hitpoints and defense and make great tanks. They wear metal armor.

Dual Gunner (F) - Dual Gunners specialize in mid-range DPS and Damage over Time skills. They wear leather armor.

Warlock (M) - Warlocks are the primary offensive spellcasters in Aika. They can deal quite a bit of damage with their spells, but have low hitpoints and defense. They wear cloth armor.

Paladin (F) - Paladins are a mix between warriors and clerics. They are capable fighters as well as a good supporting class. They wear metal.

Rifleman (M) - They specialize in dealing damage from a long distance, making them the ideal long-range DPS class. They wear leather armor

Cleric (F) - They are the primary supportive class in Aika. They are incredibly helpful to any party as they have both healing and supportive skills. They wear cloth armor

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  • ElgrumPirateElgrumPirate Member UncommonPosts: 52

    Again i see same game introduction with not accurate description. Lack of creativity? Lack of will to check info in game?

    Fighter - in gPotato and global version there are no such class, is named Warrior in both versions, is not great tank, can be off-tank, may tank if is lots of level higher than instance req, but it is melee dps mostly with nice party buffs

    Paladin - is not such mix, paladin (crusader in global version) is just pure tank class, similar to warrior (both melee, heavy armed), but to cleric? Paladin has no party buffs, has only one healing skill, which can be used on others ( but in game almost never uses this skill, only possible use would be to save cleric from sure death, but after this paladin is defenseless - 0 mana, so cannot use any skills for some time)

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