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What is your biggest concern about TOR?



  • DistopiaDistopia Member EpicPosts: 21,180

    Originally posted by jaxsundane

     Well made point I think I'd do well to try to listen to myself (even thoug I try not to be like that) I still know I do it too.  But what I can say is lot's of posters can probably say they've seem me say something similar along the lines of liking or defending something shouldn't automatically bring out the "well your just a fanboi" repsonse any more than not liking something should have someone say "you are just a troll".
    I don't even like the fact that we make these distinctions like sandbox,themepark, oh this is not an mmorpg but a orpg and the like.  We are all playing with little pixelated sprites it's simply not that serious.
    I think console gamers are much a happier bunch because they don't do these things, they don't try to seperate themselves from other gamers like them much like mmorpg players seem to do we have people who have to hate themepark, folks who have to hate sandbox, folks who have to hate fanbois, folks who have to hate trolls.
    Everything with us more often than not has to be a fight, if a game with an ip we like is being made but we don't like it's direction instead of just not buying and saying "I won't be trying it" we have to put on the boxing gloves and bash the thing and everything about it until it launches.
    I think the question then becomes is our passion helpful or a hinderance?  I think a hiderance until we learn to think outside of our own personal little boxes.

    Yep, that last sentence is so right, and again there goes my self righteous attitude. I am as guilty as anyone else when it comes to this, but a little self-reflection can go a long way. While I tend to shutter at the use of words like fanboi and hater, as well as don't use them in my posts (aimed at anyone). We can all see things in ourselves that lead to ad hominem attacks and defensive statements. Like myself yesterday and how I was speaking to Elikal.

    Not that I would ever expect people to change as it's just the way of the internet for the most part, as well as the basic human need to be right all the time. I still like to point out every now and then that we're all just people with opinions in the end.

    For every minute you are angry , you lose 60 seconds of happiness."-Emerson

  • AryasAryas Member Posts: 337

    Originally posted by warmaster670

    Originally posted by Aryas

    This game adds nothing new to the genre and I highly doubt I'll buy it.

    Games dont have to add anything new to be good, if they did then no old game would be good since there mechanics have been around for years.


    The if its not innovative and new attitude really needs to stop, unless people love not being able to enjoy good games for no reason.


    I agree with you there.


    However, while incremental advancement is acceptable in most other types of games, in MMOs it typically isn't.


    I personally would be happy with slight enhancements in MMOs. In most cases, that would get me to shift from one game to another. However, I think the majority of MMO gamers they need big improvements to jump ship because:


    1. They've put a lot of time and effort into their current game

    2. They reached a level of achievement/status in their current game

    3. They've formed a social network within their current game

    4. Their current game in familiar and therefore comfortable

    5. Time spent playing a new game that turns out to be bad is time that could've been spent playing their old game


    I think this could be called "WoW syndrome" as this game and it's playerbase epitomise this mentality, which I think in all fairness is fairly logical.





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  • WarmakerWarmaker Member UncommonPosts: 2,237

    "What is your biggest concern about TOR?"

    Other than the mindnumbingly dull space combat... the biggest concern I have with this game is Choice-Limiting Gameplay.

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  • jmcdermottukjmcdermottuk Member RarePosts: 1,548

    Biggest concern, it turns out to be WoW with Lightsabres.


    As more info has been released I lost hope. The class system doesn't fit the IP imho. That and the fact that Jedi are supposed to kick ass. But with a class system they can't due to "class balance".


    So it's looking like WoW with lightsabres to me.


    Bummed ......

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