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Creepy/Weird MMO moments



  • JimmacJimmac Member UncommonPosts: 1,667

    Originally posted by swing848

    When I saw the title I began thinking about creepy, like in mob incounters, not people encounters.

    In DAoC it was creepy, or dangerous, for my toon when I got to a dungeon far behind my group and had to catch up while stealthed.  In DAoC a purple color mob spelled danger and lots of purple mobs close together spelled lots more danger.

    That type of thing was creepy or dangerous to my toon, even if he could stealth.  Some purple mobs could see through stealth and most could see you if you got too close.

    As to real people in games, I have seen more than enough drama and worse.

    I think that if anyone plays long enough he or she will make a mistake and say the wrong thing, an oops moment.

    As to stalkers, clingers, "I'll kill myself"ers, and that sort, I do not have much trouble from a personal stand point because if I play a game long enough it eventually gets around that I am an old guy, which leaves out most man hunting women, and that I am a combat veteran from the Vietnam War and still tote guns around to this day, even sleep with them, so that causes pretty much everyone to leave me alone.

    Guns do not keep people from becoming friends with me nor do they keep them from talking about things important to them.  Just because I am willing to blow the brains out of some crazed killer trying to get his hands on my wife does not mean I lack great restraint and know when and when not to use lethal force.

    Life is short and we should have as much fun and enjoyment as possible while we can, at the same time understanding that we live in a violent world.  I know, I have been there and wish I had not.

    If any person threatens harm to himself/herself or to premeditatedly kill someone else, for any reason, that person either needs professional help or a swift and early exit from this world if he or she tries to kill someone.

    More than likely almost everyone in the United States, excluding the very liberal states, has had contact with or spoken to someone carrying a hand gun [with permit], and did not know it.  It is the same as a person being a 5th Don, he can kill you with his bare hands, but can be the best of people because of his character.  Chuck Norris, for example, though I am not sure of his Don.

    I am a man and have had good chats with women.  I can have fun with anyone that wants a laugh, let women [or men] feel free to say anything to me that will get a laugh, or I can be someone that another can share a problem with.  If it involves people then life will emerge, you can't get away from it, unless you become a monk or hermit [not sure which is worse].

    If what I said creeps you out, welcome to the real world.  However, I am not a thief nor do I wish harm on anyone, I am not a stalker, I give to the poor, love little children [no, not the way some nut-job sex manic does, I'm talking about love here, not some twisted lust - it is unfortunate that I have to clarify what love means, but in this "modern" age you never know...], and try to be friends to all that are around me.

    Very excellent post, and amen. 

  • Drama24-7Drama24-7 Member Posts: 36

    The game was Lineage. It was in a pretty tight clan, about 30 members,  15 or so usually on during prime grind hours. All sorts of ages and backgrounds. Sounds good, right? Then, this one guy lets it be known he had a terminal disease. He was kind of new to the clan but had been a steady grinder for about a month. Clan members were shocked and sorry, etc. This dude starts getting armors and weapons and extra help from friendly clan members because they feel sorry for him. In a few weeks he was the very a well equipped player and leveling fast.

    Can you guess where this is going yet?

    He disappears. Clan thinks, omg, he is dying now, poor bastard.

    But, no, he lives! He lives well, too, in another clan, like two weeks later. The dude wasn't ill at all. The clan he joined were total scum so it didn't matter to them what he had done. They were told what he did and they were like "Ha, you noobs you fell for his act!"

    In a way, it was kind of funny to me how he pulled off that scam but I'd never do it. I PK'ed him once for revenge. lol

  • patient32patient32 Member UncommonPosts: 96

    Wierd moment for me was in World of Warcraft a few years ago. Me and a guy were talking in that war room in Ironforge. The PVP room I think if I remember right, as we were waiting for something. With a bunch of other players there standing around......

    Suddenly all the npcs shout "Skalde....!". Then start spinning around with their weapons and everyone dies.

    Strangest thing I've ever experienced.

    I asked a GM about it one time when he contacted me about a petition and he said the only explanation he could think of was a disgruntled employee.

    "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon... Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all the heavenly glory" (Bruce Lee)

    (Insert your favourite mmo here): ......And behold, a pale horse.... And a million hellishly bad mmos followed with it.

  • punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

    i remember when DAOC first opened.


     was in thid just chillin and out of no were i see a weird convo going on behind a random house.   so i ignored it and little later i hear the word dwarf pen** (fill the rest in lol)  know i laughed a little to my self and turn the corner and there it was  5 big female trolls and one little dwarf cybering.   lol the /beg command was being used alot* if you played DAOC you know what it looks like*   for thsoe that dont   it looks like the person is giveing head lol.

    i for one just stood there in shock, i then logged off and did not get back on for 3 hours lol.   the chat was crazy and i thought the person was alone and jokeing to see if anyone was near the place.   but ya  weirdness!

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