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Why troll an MMO (WoW) when you prob have good memories

Look...I do play WoW, still...on and off. I also play Aion, Eve, WAR, FE, DF, on an off. I never play the same MMO more than one month. why? because you can never, truly, beat an MMO so why rush? I would rather take my time and going back to my pre-internet days I remember the joys of getting the chance to just be able to play 2 games, 2 games!!!, at the same time. I miss that feeling and it's far far gone. WoW gets bashed, duh...why am I writing this? I am actually quite bored right now and it gives me something to do...I will buy CAT when it comes out. I bought WOTLK too and stopped after a month but I still enjoyed the one month. I am full of 2nd/3rd chances so whatever...anyway...i do have a lot of great memories of WoW. Was it my 1st MMO? yes...yes it was....why was it my first...I won't delve into details of why it was and why I waited to jump on the MMO train but here are my memories. Feel free, obviously, to post yours....please no trolls? please.....

I didn't play WoW until mid 2007 so yeah.....I'm late....but whatever....

1) Making a Troll. Troll was my first choice. I still love them the best. Why? They don't wear shoes, they talk like potheads (i dont smoke, btw...), and I love how they walk....the best race/class is the one you love the most...its not about racials.

2) Hitting level 10. it was new to me, duh....I liked the new choices available to me!

3) My first battleground. This was before the '1 click to get into BG' happened. I was so clueless on how to get into a BG and when it finally happened, and I got murdered over and over...I loved it!

4) Learning what a guild is and what it is about. Being able to find my style and mechanic.

5) The Barrens....I LOVED the barrens, every quest, it was an orgasm for me.

6) My first mount and realizing how great it was, and not cuz I could travel faster but just having it...

7) Realizing even though I was on a pve server I could still die from attacking alliance.

Anyway....this being my first MMO I loved all of those. What did you love about your "first" MMO ?


  • whilanwhilan Member UncommonPosts: 3,472

    What did i love about EQ?

    Pretty much everything, but mostly the people.

    I started near about the year 2000. When i joined i was clueless as you were in WoW, my brother made me read the entire guide book on spells and everything before he let me play.  He dropped the game a few weeks later but i picked it up anyway, after reading the book i got some understanding but i was still lost. I picked an erudite wizard first but then quickly changed to a Barbarian shaman. The change in scenery to me was astonishing.  It went from dark woods with only a few candles to a barren white wasteland. I started hunting some wolves but as i didn't really understand what i was doing (i had managed to equip the weapon first) I died rather quickly. Someone asked me after about my 3rd death if i was new to the game. I told him i was.

    He proceeded to teach me everything about the game and i started to connect things in the book with what was happening in the game.  He was very patient with me and walked me through everything. By the time I was done (which took about 2 days) I knew enough to walk on my own, instead he offered me an invite to his guild.  I joined of course, and they welcomed me with open arms.

    My best memory of the game was taking down one of the ice giants with a group of people from the guild i joined, they congratulated each other and were very supportive and talkative. 

    That was my best memory in MMO history. A feeling sadly i have yet to repeat.

    Help me Bioware, you're my only hope.

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  • SabradinSabradin Member Posts: 772

    what I loved?


    that I ignored my life that I treated the game more than my wife, pretending that every precious second counted towards an inevitable climax of either suicide or godhood


    the actual fond memories are experienced in any mmo.. the bonding in a guild.

    Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions.

  • Garvon3Garvon3 Member CommonPosts: 2,898

    For anyone who played MMOs before WoW, there weren't any good memories to be had, because the gameplay is just a worse version of MMOs we've all already played. 


    WoW gets bashed because its more successful than it deserves. I think the fact that most people don't play MMos for more than a few months is a testament to how new "MMOs" are designed for instant gratification and people with ADD. My first MMO I played for 5 years because it was well designed, had tons of content, and lots of room for player generated content. Longest MMO since then? A few months.

  • CeridithCeridith Member UncommonPosts: 2,980

    Pretty much every single 'good' memory about WoW except one was due to the friends I made in WoW. I hardly attribute the game as the cause of those particular memories, simply as a venue where I met said people. Even so, I ran into more than my fair share of idiots as well. I had fun in the game of course, otherwise i wouldn't have played it as long as I did. Even so, I played it so long moreso just to have something to do in my free time more than because I had an exceptional time playing it.

    Honestly, the one year I played Star Wars galaxies, I had countless good memories specifically from the game itself, in addition to the friends I made in it. Ultima online before that for 6+ years, even more good memories, again, related to the game and not just the people in it.

    Nothing in WoW really sticks out in my mind as exceptional. It's mostly just the same generic MMO grind that EQ made precidence in, but without the charm.

    That's not to particularly say that I bash WoW. I just don't see why some people treat it like it was brought fourth from the heavens by Blizzard. WoW really is just the poster child of mediocrety in the MMO world.

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