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RsTrends: Blogging for Runescape

RsTrendsRsTrends Member Posts: 4

RsTrends: Runescape Blogging Service


  • BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

    Hey man, that's a cool program you got there. It could be a great asset!

  • RsTrendsRsTrends Member Posts: 4

    Thank you, I'm just spreading the word around at the moment. Maybe try creating an blogging account, I really want to see if people can use my blog to communicate with their friends.

    Post any suggestions you have on our forums, I'm ultimately looking to attract people to this site, so if you want a feature, just ask, almost anything can be done. :p

  • RsTrendsRsTrends Member Posts: 4

    So what does everyone else think about this site?

  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    Change whenever it says Runescape to RuneScape, you know, to make it more professional looking. But other than that, it looks promising and I will have a deeper look at it soon.


  • RsTrendsRsTrends Member Posts: 4

    Oh okay, that's a good point. I'll work on doing that at the next update of my website.

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