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LeucentLeucent Member Posts: 2,371

I ve been playing the game and really enjoying it, however I ve never played a class that heals in a group. How does one target easily to heal a single person to heal a group member. I know AOE heals but that draws insane hate. Are there macros, or a targeting system that makes it easier? Any help is appreciated.


  • WhoTookMyTofWhoTookMyTof Member Posts: 4

    Baseline there are no easy ways to target things, other than clicking on or tabbing to find your targets.  FFXI had a f1-f6 was target party members, but the only remaining aspect of that is f9 targets self.  I think this is largely because you can have 15 member parties. It might be possible to remap keys to find a solution to that.  As far as macros go, I haven't tried to create any targetting macros, but there probably exist some commands to target specific members (if you play with a static group).

    A few things to remember though.  Z toggles AoE on/off.   And spells take on the aspect of the class you have (atleast I think); so if you are a THM casting a CONJ spell (heal or nuke) it is targetted in a frontal-cone-AoE, whereas a CONJ casting a THM spell (as well as CONJ spells) are targettable AoEs (<-- haven't tested this too thoroughly but I think I decided it after aggroing mobs casting shock in AoE as THM and definitely seeing a cone effect).  Also, not sure how Aoe spells target outside of DoM.

    But yea, haven't seen anything that really makes party targetting easier.... but I enjoy healing/nuking, especially solo-ing red/orange-dot mobs.

    Possible someone later will post and enlighten us both on targetting?

  • Kaijin2k3Kaijin2k3 Member Posts: 558

    F9 targets self and F12 will cycle through only party members (I think it also starts out by targetting yourself). Make sure you've unlocked from your current target or I don't think it'll switch (haven't tested it).

    Also make sure to relock onto your target once you have the member you want to cast on (don't know what the default keyboard hotkey is) or you may get "You are not facing the target" error.

    I think it may also be easier to setup a macro, but someone else will probably be better help as I haven't gone into macros yet.

  • VikingGamerVikingGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,350

    if you use a game controler then your target/menu stick, usually mapped to the dpad, will cycle though only party members if you go up and down. Of course it will only target yourself if you are alone. Left and right will cycle though all mobs and players in front of you.

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