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Still stuck for finding an MMO for Me

YounggYoungg Member Posts: 61

Okay so ive been posting for the past week or so trying to find my MMO

However The games ive tried so far just havent appealed to me I know what game i want and it must be out there somewhere!

So Basically im looking for A Sandbox MMO Where every player plays a big part in the game

Im looking for a game where leveling isnt just done by Fighting and can be done by Crafting and Adventuring aswell as Collecting Resources

Im also Looking to have Not just Army's in game But also Business' and companies

A massive Customisation and plenty to be working at is something i want

I just want a game where i can play with others and work on my guy and clan/guild in my spare time i get when im not busy doing other things

I like being able to work on Citys and Buildings aswell .

Also a big must is a Vast Economy where people are buying services and trading. The worst thing is having such a great crafting system that everyone feeds themselves thus killing the economy .

So if my perfect MMO is out there please inform me ! If not I will have to wait until it is. Thanks guys



  • DeDroaDeDroa Member UncommonPosts: 11

    So what your saying is, you secretly long for the real world, but aren't willing to admit it openly. Some examples of massive economy games exist but are still limited. My only suggestions would be Entropia or Second Life.

  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    It does not meet all of your criteria but if more emphasis on large world with economy/trading and less emphasis on combat is of interest, and especially if you ever played the old KOEI Uncharted Waters: New Horizons series on NES/SNES, you might want to check out the open beta launch this week for Uncharted Waters Online




    It is admittedly a niche game that will not appeal to everyone, but it sounds like a niche game is what you seek. 


    But if you want something "new & shiny" it may not suit as it is rather "old school" in gameplay/graphics. It's been out for 5+ years in Japan but only now available as an English language version. Many old school KOEI fans have been waiting for this for many years.


    Example of the graphics:


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