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KGMR Radio - Radio for Gamers

Hey all, I'm a DJ at a new gaming related internet radio station called KGMR Radio.(hence the title of the thread.heh)

We are just getting started and would love it if everyone could check us out.

We  play a wide variety of music and requests are allways welcome, and encouraged.


If you need some tunes to slay some monsters, players, or whatever to, then please check us out.


Head over to http://www.kgmrradio.com and give us a listen.  We would appreciate it very much!


Oh and if you want to get a hold of me for any reason you can contact me on AIM as: KGMRNormireX

on Xfire as: Normire

and you can email me at  [email protected]


Thank you for checking out this thread, and I hope you will tune in and enjoy some awesome music.


- NormireX



Note: This thread is not meant as spam and I hope it will not be seen as spam. IF you post here I will reply or you can allways use my contact info. I appologize if this is perceived as spam.

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