This Game is Pretty Good.

I like the graphics, the glowing weapons, the variety of classes.... the character creation is bizarre. I could sit all day, making characters and characters. You can make it look almost exactly like you; change the ears, mouth, nose, eyes, hair...

Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, and of all that I tried, there is no "best class," even though assasins are great in PvP. Unlike some games  iv'e encountered, PWI doesn't run off of its item mall. Sure, you can buy cool clothes, (Or even sell gold for millions of coins!) buy mounts (land and flying,) and things such as teleacoustics and smilies, but there is no big benefit from the item mall. The stupid thing is getting married in PWI. Who would pay SIXTY DOLLARS just to have your boyfriend/girlfriends name above yours. Sure you get more experience and chi and such, but whats the point? Waste of money, people. Otherwise, this is a great game to try out.



  • BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

    60 dollars? That's goddamn outrageous! For 60 dollars, one could pay for 4 months of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, a year of RUNESCAPE, an eternity of  GUILD WARS ONLINE, and more!

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    I didn't like how the combat felt slugish compared to something like WoW or WAR, but otherwise I thought it was a pretty good game. I like that you can play the whole game without paying if you have the dicipline to pull it off. Sure there is a lot of temptation to get a mount early and to bump up your bag space faster and you can do that though real money but you don't have to. You can speed up leveling but you don't have to. There are no classes or zones or levels that you are restricted from simply because you dont pay. The things you buy are all convenience based. That is a true free to play model as opposed to unlocking new playable races or unlocking high level zones.

    As for the marriage thing, I agree that it is kinda stupid to spend $60 on it even if you do get a little exp boost for leveling with your girlfriend but it is only optional and WoW, for as long as it has been out and despite having a huge RP community doesn't even support that. You would be really suprised how many chicks really get into the whole clothes and wedding thing. WoW is way behind the curve in this respect and they limit themselves from a huge market that really goes in for that sort of thing. One female player that has been a long time friend of mine from WoW vanilla, when I asked why she was playing PWI as well mentioned that she really like playing a game where she could play a girl that looked and felt like a girl.

    I will give PWI props on one aspect of the big marriage ceremony. If you get signed up ahead of time for it you can reserve time in the big cathedral for a ceremony rather than just a quick  "oh now your married" after finishing a quest thing. Yeah, I know, serious chick stuff. But one cool thing is that the GMs run a scripted event for you where a jilted lover turns out to be some badass monster and starts going to town on the big day and your wedding party and guests have to fight him off. I suppose that's kinda cool. They probably added it just so the boyfriends wouldn't have to be bored though the whole thing. :)

    And you can get around even the $60. People will buy the item shop credit, where you get the wedding items, and then sell that "Gold" in the game for coins which is the game's virtual currency. it would take around 22-24mil coins to get that much gold but you can do it. There are always people looking for game cash but don't have any problems with real world cash and are willing to trade. And it is completely supported by the game using an in game bidding and trading system. Basically once real world cash is put into the game, you can't get it back out, all they can use it for is for cash shop items. The point is, however, that people are not ever limited even from the cash shop items for lack of realworld cash so long as they are patient and determined enough about farming coins in game. Not a bad concept I think.

    All die, so die well.

  • socalsk8trsocalsk8tr Member Posts: 65

    wth u talking about with item mall doesnt give no real advantage did you forget to mention the gambling packs that contain some of the best end game gears there are or the dragon orbs to refine ur armor succesfully to give outrageous damage and stat boosts or perhaps the reputation sale to get the best gear available in the game that after 2 years of playing no one had attained legitimately playing which is the full rank 9 sets?

    I have 2 9x chars on the version I play with the lvl cap being 105 this game used to be realy realy fun but it has taken a huge turn for the worst and I don't see the internation version lasting more than another year or so the so called new expansion they came out with isnt an expansion just 2 new playable classes and a new city theres still nothing to do thats new past 9x no new quests for high lvls no new instances nothing other than just that 2 new classes and a new starting area. Oh there are guild bases now but those cost about 500 mil+ in game coin for all the items and coin required to get them and then they can be destroyed by other guilds should u choose to accept the mini war feature between guilds.

    The game gives a huge advantage to cash shoppers and yea u can farm and merchant but to get to that point where it becomes profitable for you you gotta cash shop otherwise it'll take you 1-1 1/2 years to get there playing about 4-5 hours a day minimal in that economy.and if you saw the whole interview about the assassin that reached the lvl cap that was 105 named kitamura saying they never cashed shopped its a lie they have an alternate account on the same server with a main character named FieryDevil which is a lvl 100+ veno thats known by tons of ppl to be a huge cash shopper thats spent a few thousand U.S. dollars on it. Yea theres alot of cool features about this game but for the most part its not a good game its something thats shiny and grabs ur attention but then when you get to it and see what it realy is its extremely dissapointing and frustrating seeing what this game has become and turned into.

    Assassins are the only ones that can pk anymore either put it this way a barb on that game (the tank) vs an assassin now in both full rank 9 full buffs the barbs have the potential to get up to 40k hp in the best gears with refines and shards and have upwards of 25k pdef. They also have an item in the cash shop called an hp charm which automatically fills ur hp or mp up once it reaches half with a 10s cooldown. tell me why and how it is these assassins can kill the tank class of the game within 8-9 seconds if the barb is endgame in the best gear and best refines and shards in 8-9 seconds and charmed and can do this to pretty much every other class in the game and also has the ability to dissapear from any other player other than assassins if they're not succesful with their ambush.

    If you go the the forums you'll see tons of ppl with a sig saying this game is dead and theres a reason why that is.

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