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Citadel of Sorcery: Game Information (Update: 26/09/10).



Citadel of Sorcery is an upcoming MMORPG currently been created by a company called: MMO Magic Co. This is direct from their main website: "Citadel of Sorcery is being created by an independent Software Developer called MMO Magic. We are comprised of a small group of game industry professionals."At this stage they currently have no publisher but there was mention that through participation at E3 2010 they had a chance to meet some perspective publishers and will announce this news when they have one that matches what they are looking for.


What exactly is Citadel of Sorcery?


At its heart it is been currently recognized as a 3D massive multiplayer fantasy game, amongst many of the MMORPGs that stand today. This is where MMO Magic is separating itself from the other gaming companies by announcing from the start of Citadel of Sorcery's acknowledgement that it will bring a completely new and fresh approach to the MMORPG industry. Right from the outset of this ambitious project, MMO Magic make boastful claims that still stand today that Citadel of Sorcery will be unlike any other MMORPG that you have played. They are quite literally taking a leap of faith into MMORPG history. On the other hand, they have carefully stressed that nothing is further from the truth. That to them, it is reality and that they have already spent a great deal of resources and time shaping up their concepts into their game world. In one of their introductory journal reports, they introduce the concept of Citadel of Sorcery as: 


"We’d like to welcome you to a new type of MMO experience, Citadel of Sorcery. We would like to ask you to suspend your preconceived ideas of what should or should not be in an MMO game and give this new concept a chance. We’re attempting to create a new experience, one that we hope you will enjoy. In fact, one of our biggest hurdles will be to get you to try the game without thinking about other games you have played, and just experience this new style of game play. Give it a chance and we believe most of you will enjoy your adventure."


What stage of development is the game currently at?


What is known and been released is that Citadel of Sorcery is currently using their own internal testing team with a working prototype of their game engine (Trident 3D) through different builds that is at an Alpha stage. They have pointed out not to be deceived by that though as the way that they are developing this project is unlike others in the sense that parts of the builds are quite testable and whilst in areas there is still a lot work to be done. There is no mention of yet for the need for any Alpha and Beta testers.


How long has the game been in development?


Through their official website MMO Magic has been working on Citadel of Sorcery since early 2005.


When will the game be released?


There is no information that has been released that this stage.


What will make Citadel of Sorcery different from other MMORPGs?


Bold claims are definitely at the heart of this massive project as the gaming world itself will be huge; encompassing over 900,000,000 sq. kilometers as quoted: “We are very excited about the progress and potential for amazing terrain over a vast world. We have mentioned before that the size of the world is going to be 900,000,000 sq. kilometers (basically the size of earth). This is the terrain system that is building that world (and replacing the previous placeholder standard terrain system that we used in early development of the game).”


A developer goes on to add: “we are building the world the size of earth so that the game will not run out of usable real estate and so that players would never have seen it all.  It is important to us for players to always know that there is more out there to see, that even though they may spend a long time in a particular Territory when they choose to move on they will see new things. 


We also wanted to appeal to the explorer in all of us, and when you are in a world this big there could be places out there that no player has ever seen before, even after this game has been in existence for years.  Nobody can see everything, it just isn't possible. You could start walking across the RW, stay at your computer for a month and you would still only have barely started around this world.  Ask yourself, how long would it take you to walk from Los Angeles to New York?  That is only part of the way around earth, and this game is the full size of earth.” (Source:


Besides the sheer size of the land mass of Citadel of Sorcery which already sounds impressive, MMO Magic claim that they are confident that they can deliver a rich and diverse gaming experience unlike no other through:

  • Living World, where history moves on, nothing is static.

  • Thinking opponents with varying intelligence.

  • Player actions can change the course of the world.

  • Individualized quests for a unique personal story.

  • Goal oriented quests with multiple solutions.

  • Complete Reflected Worlds tailored to the group's history.

  • NPC's have their own lives and agendas.

  • Emphasis on game play rather than grinds.

  • Epic story system that reaches a grand climax.

These short points illustrate the direction and concept design of Citadel of Sorcery (Source:


What is the official Website?



Where can I find more information on Citadel of Sorcery?


A good article on the introduction of Citadel of Sorcery and it’s comparison with other MMORPGs:



A two part article produced for introducing the game, this is part one:



Part two:



Unfortunately, not a lot of information beyond the correspondence of a developer on the MMORPG forums and what is officially posted on their main website is available. You are more than welcome to follow their Dev Journal on the main website as well as keep up to date through the forums on here.

There is quite a vast amount of information on the forums and I will try to update things as the game is progressing. Keep an eye out for more updates.


Update: 26/09/10




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