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guess what

retarted idiots


we need to go into space....or we will die like dinos one day

i wonna have cold war back

edit: and iwould like more star trek movies instead of vampire shit

no trolling here....im sick of idiots


  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    Agreed I would love to leave this crap pot planet ^_^

  • CrocolixCrocolix Member Posts: 221

    no way

    we should take any kind of pots with us

    but...no fatties no alc no tabac...and no ugly girls

  • CrocolixCrocolix Member Posts: 221

    bad joke.....butbanyway.....

    we need to frigin go outa here

  • CrocolixCrocolix Member Posts: 221

    nobody will care about our usb sticks

  • thecrapthecrap Member Posts: 433

    hmmm what will you bring along luggage I mean? :)

  • erebus890erebus890 Member Posts: 46

    Space travel sounds fucking awesome! I just want to explore the galaxy, experience new technologies, find hot aliens and sex them up. I've been playing too much Mass Effect...

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