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Authenticator Why everyone needs to get one

goldenkeygoldenkey Member UncommonPosts: 98

I am posting this as a computer security professional. Some people seem confused about what the WOW Authenticator does for them. The problem with user names and passwords is it's just single factor authentication what that means is it's just something you know. Two factor authencation is something you know and something you have IE the authenticator. While people can crack the authenticator it is very hard to do and one thing for sure it will take a butt load of time and effort. Just for kicks three factor authentication adds something you are as in finger prints, eye scan and so on mostly used by the gov.


The wow authenticator is some ways makes your online playing more secure than your online banking while online banking is secured by encription it is very hard to prove that the person entering the username and password is the owner of the account. Like it's very hard to put keyloggers on peoples computers and capture their logons then access their online banking and gaming.


One more thing to think about Blizzard is changing the guild banking by providing an option where the guild leaders can force the use of the authenticator at log on to withdraw anything from the guild bank.


  • Miles-ProwerMiles-Prower Member Posts: 1,106

    I agree that Authenticators are necessary and useful protection. There is no price on Peace of mind. I've said that once and I'll say it again until my breath leaves me.


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  • VarnyVarny Member Posts: 765

    Or just not be stupid and delete the scam emails.

    I've never been "hacked" (if you can call giving your details over hacking) once and libking everything to my battlenet just adds more security cause they can't fake the amount of games I own, so I'll know if there is something up.

  • ToxiliumToxilium Member UncommonPosts: 905

    Originally posted by Varny

    Or just not be stupid and delete the scam emails.

    This and install a simple free program like AVG or Avira. The only reason I use one is because it's free on my iPhone.



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