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hacking accounts addons etc

you dont need your mail hacked or some stealing passwords scripts from funny sites

JUST INSTALL ADDONS ...and you will get achivement


  • expressoexpresso Member UncommonPosts: 2,218

    Addons are fine if people know what to look for, no real addon will include an .exe or .bat file, stay away from addons with installers, the only addons you should be using are ones you drag and drop into your addon folder yourself.

    Under no circumstance should you be installing addons or running programs  - its is drag and drop - that's it.

    Stay away from any kind of addon update checker/installer you never realy know what it's installing or info it is sending, have a tool like.. stay away.

  • rwmillerrwmiller Member Posts: 472

    The real problem with addons isn't that they are dangerous or that even things like the Curse installer are dangerous. The real problem with them is that they are mostly safe most of the time. Enough so that people get lazy and forget to be careful. Security is a full time job and people get past security because it is boring and tedious so people stop paying proper attention.


    Oh that addon has been fine for the last two years no need to check it again this time. Which is the perfect time for some villain to hack into the site and add their own private addon to the files.


    Crooks make their living off the lazy, the dumb and the greedy which sadly there are way too many of in the world.


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