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Ridiculous MMO coming your way!

So I just read that the people that made Entropia are making an MMO all about Micheal Jackson. Was kind of confused as to the wording of the above link so maybe they are just going to make a part of their existing game about Jackson, but either way, this is just a weird choice...


  • JDGalisJDGalis Member UncommonPosts: 143

    .................Allow me to be the first to say.....


    What the hell?

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  • eyeswideopeneyeswideopen Member Posts: 2,414

    It's not a new mmo, it's just an additional planet being added to Entropia.

    Expect a bunch of undressed male avatars running around with pet monkeys all named some variation of "Bubbles" asking "Where are the little boys? We want to play!".

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  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092

    Old news, it was on the's news list earlier this week... ;-)

  • jokertranjokertran Member Posts: 5

    LoL, did here this one. Though a kinda a tribute to MJ, I still don't think that I will be trying this one. Hearing this earlier actually sent me on different emotions.

  • rfbanrfban Member Posts: 5

    Wow, so is this a singing dance mmo? lol


    sorry cant help my self from laughing

  • FreeBooteRFreeBooteR Member Posts: 333

    I bet it will be a sleep over.

    Archlinux ftw

  • xKingdomxxKingdomx Member UncommonPosts: 1,541

    Just waiting for the hardcores to come say this is a wow clone

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  • nedoxnedox Member Posts: 99

    Yeah this is a wow clone, and off course - wow kiler image

    One thing is sure, I'm not gonna let my kids play it ;)

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  • FearGXFearGX Member Posts: 317

    Old News, but yeah it is kind of "WTF" when you first read it.


    It made me die a little inside when I heard and read about it.

  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290

     Haha I knew this was about the MJ mmo as soon as I read the title, first heard about it atleast a month ago though.

     Btw, we also got a whole slew of MJ games on the way too, not only the mmo, it seems his family were pretty quick to start whoring out his rights to every nutjob with a halfbaked idea.. kind of sad in a pathetic way.

  • orlacorlac Member Posts: 549

    Originally posted by Fearlessbro

    Old News, but yeah it is kind of "WTF" when you first read it.


    It made me die a little inside when I heard and read about it.

    Do you get to be a washed up junkie?

  • CorthagathCorthagath Member Posts: 291

    this will certainly make it in my list of waiting, right next to playboy manager ....

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