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Programming: SQL Shell Prompt Scripts, and general questions.

killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

I'm in a fourth semester at CVTC as a programming student, and I still dont know what's up. What I'm looking for is an online community of programmers with an over-all knowledge of languages and how they work.

What I specifically need right now is to pony up on SQL and some Shell Scripting. I've looked online for books, but they'll take weeks to get to me. And I dont have that type of time; I have until Tuesday to really buckle down on this.

Anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance...

KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod's forums.


  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Send me your private email. I have an awesome SQL book. It's a bit quirky, but a great learning tool.

    I'm not great at shell scripting - I am learning too. I might add you may want to learn basic Linux first. I have a book on that which covers some basic scripting.

    If you need help with Java programming, I can do so as well.


    I'll send you the books by email - erm...licensing allows me too and such.

  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    Bookmark and use it often. It's a Q&A site and by far the largest, most competent and most helpful site out there for programmers.

    Read this post as well if you have trouble getting a question answered (you shouldn't):

    It's from the top contributor on the site; a primer on how to ask your question better to get a heap of answers.

    Use it right and StackOverflow will be your silver bullet for whatever Tuesday deadline you have.

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