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hi im new to pw

hi all its sadsack from rs hope someome remembers me lol plz can somone help me out if thay read this



  • ArtixiusArtixius Member Posts: 40

    With what? What do you need help with Im an expert on the game.

  • kamotehquekamotehque Member Posts: 19

    Quests in this game are fun and enjoyable, unlike some MMO's once you leave and area it is unlikely you will go back there (giving a greater sense of linear game play) the quests range from collecting items to killing boss', but as you will never need to kill the same monster twice it keeps the game fresh and fun to play. Likewise the game world map is huge and changes from one area to the next in such a way you do belive you are crossing a vast world, also unlike other MMO's there is no one set low level or high level area in this game as the path you take from one area to the next takes you all over the world.

    All in all this in one of the best MMO's to be released and a real contender to over take WoW.

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