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Global Agenda VERSION 1.37 Live

PiasekPiasek Member Posts: 318

Version 1.37 Patch Notes - September 21, 2010


Server downtime: The Global Agenda Servers are expected to be down on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 from ~11:30 AM- 5:00 PM US Eastern (16:30 to 22:00 GMT) while the patch is deployed. Watch GAServerStatus on Twitter for the latest server availability information.

Players wishing to play the free trial for Global Agenda: Sandstorm can visit: Free Trial

Major Highlights

German Language Support: This release contains German Language support. To change to German, use the OPTIONS menu on the Global Agenda Launcher. If you find errors or oddities in the German translation, please report on the Version 1.37 Test Server forums.

Achievements: A full achievement system has been added. Players can view achievements using the ACHIEVEMENTS tab on the Agent Profile screen. Some achievements will award helmets or other flair as they are achieved.

Star Rankings from skills now fade in between variance 17-18.25. This prevents an issue where users sometimes saw their star ranking suddenly drop after an unusual match.

Quick Swap Profiles: Players can now purchase multiple equipment profiles for each character from the PROFILES VENDOR at the Proteus Center for Neural Reprogramming in Dome City, using Tokens. Each profile allows you to set unique Skill Tree, Weapon, Appearance, and Armor choices. You can switch profiles from anywhere that you can equip your character. You can purchase up to a total of 4 additional profiles per character.

Special Vanity Items: This release introduces two new special/rare items -- Magic Elf Goggles, which you wear during PvP matches and cause all enemies to appear to have elf heads (so you can have fun shooting them); and a Vanity Pet, which follows you in Dome City while also giving your character a 50% groundspeed boost while in Dome City. See below for more information.

Auction House: The Auction House has undergone major improvements to make it easier for players to buy and sell. See below for more.

4v4 Arena Matches: 4v4 Arena matches now occur on a timer (similar to Raids). After the timer goes off, there is an extended queueing period in which players can join the queue (solo or in pre-made teams of up to 4 players). After a wait period, teams will be matched against one another based on skill level. Loot rewards on the Arena matches have been improved. The 4v4 queue now requires Level 30. Note that there is a 4v4 Arena Scrimmage queue that is available to play at all times, but does not have the same rewards as the 4v4 Arena queue.

AvA Arena Scrimmages: A new Arena queue has been added called "AvA Scrimmage". This queue accepts only pre-made teams of 10 (NOTE: You have to be in a regular team, not a Strikeforce to join queue). The queue rotates maps that are also played in AvA. There are no rewards given for this queue, and no AvA equipment can be brought to the fights. (Note that the previously existing 10v10 Arena Queue has been removed).

Double Agent Matches: Double Agent matches now occur on a timer (similar to Raids). Loot rewards on the Double Agent matchese have been improved.

Mission Queuing: A variety of changes have occurred to Mission Queuing to make it easier to get matches across all server regions (North Amer, Europe, etc) and to improve backfilling. More details below.

Tokens: You can now earn a maximum of 50,000 tokens in a week. Likewise, you may hold a maximum of 50,000 tokens in your bank. The daily limit on tokens has been removed (in favor of the weekly cap).

Flair from Achievements: Flair will now be mailed instead of dropped directly into inventory.

Boosters (formerly known as Token/XP Boosts): Purchased Boosters now double credits and double end-of-mission loot in addition to XP and Tokens. Players should now inspect the STATS screen on Agent Profile to see key information on their active Booster. Several bug fixes have also been made to the boost calculation. Note that the double loot bonus applies solely to loot at the end of a mission, not to mob loot.

New PvE Consumables - Four new craftable PvE consumables have been added. More details below.

AvA Rewards: Players will receive Achievements for AvA zone victories, with special rewards tied to the Achievements. See below for more information on AvA rewards.

Modifications -- You may now add a modification to a particular weapon or armor piece using the "wrench" underneath the weapon or armor on the Agent Profile screen (verus having to use the Modification Implant kiosk in Dome City). When you press the wrench, you will be prompted whether to Repair the Item (using a repair kit), or Mod the Item (using a Mod).

Repair Kits -- In addition to being crafted, repair kits can now be purchased at a the Armor Vendor in Dome City for tokens (50/100/200 tokens for uncommon/rare/epic). The number of kits produced by crafters in one craft has been increased to 10 from 7.

Timer in Special Ops PvE Missions -- If you initially enter the Boss Room with less than 4 minutes remaining in a Special Ops mission, the timer will be reset to 4 minutes (giving you additional time for the boss fight).

Inspect -- Inspect now occurs using the "X" key by default (instead of left-mouse click). This can be changed using the CONTROLS menu. You may now inspect players inside the Open Zone.

"Perfect Stat" Devices - The HHH and DDD devices sold at the Class Vendors in Dome City have had base damage/healing buffed by approximately 3%.

Loot - Rare and Epic drops have been increased in Mercenary PvP and in some PvE missions.

Armor - You may now purchase Rare Armor for CREDITS (instead of Tokens) at the Armor Vendor inside Dome City.

Healing Boost - Now stacks its effect with other HOTs (previously it replaced them). Neutralize Wave will no longer remove the healing boost, though it still removes any other HOTs.

Neutralize Wave - Neutralise wave no longer deals damage for each effect removed. It also provides a poison effect comparable to Poison Aura. Radius changed from 45 to 35.

Sealed Systems - Sealed systems now heals a small amount for each negative effect removed from the Recon.

User Files - Player's user config files will now be stored in the MY GAMES folder


Melee devices no longer give backtsab buff when backstabbing a turret.

Healthbars no longer display in Dome City.

A bug with scanners in PvE has been fixed to close an exploit.

Combat Rating: Now display skill number in addition to Stars.


Full detalis can be found here:  Version 1.37 Patch Notes



  • JonsusJonsus Member UncommonPosts: 175

    This is such an awesome patch. Lots of fixes/features that are very much needed and will improve the game as a whole.

    Despite what the naysayers will say, this game is very cool for what it is: An MMORPG version of TF2 thats placed in the future. Cant wait for the servers to go back up :D

  • roscorosco Member Posts: 51

    The EU players are now playing on the EU server, which makes a big ping difference (170 vs 50 in my case). It radically changes the way I play my IC toon. Try it.


    Don't wait too long in the queue or you might still be sent to the wrong server.

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