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Thriller: Planet Michael to join the Entropia Universe. Don't Stop Till You Get Enough

Whether Captain Eo will be along for this venture is unknown. I just hope I can turn the music off if my avatar ever visits planet Michael.

 The New York Times reports:

...The Michael Jackson estate will announce on Tuesday that it has made a deal with the company SEE Virtual Worlds to release Planet Michael, a 3D computer environment that will be part of the Entropia Universe game platform...


NY Times Story here.


UPDATE: Website has gone live here.


Alpha AG Geek
Founder- Manticore Society


  • dar_es_balatdar_es_balat Member Posts: 438

    Im interested to see how this world will develop.  Might be fun to tour Planet Michael.

    Crappy, petty people breed and raise crappy, petty kids.

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    I'll pass. I sincerely hope that Arthur Fonzerelli is not on approach to the ramp, but I must admit that that it is a low level fear at this point.

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

    Hahaha I was first totally stunned hearing this, then genuinely amused. I have nothing against MJ, in fact, I quite like his dancing videos though I m not in the habit of watching them like a real fan propably would. I will propably visit there at least once to see whats going on.

    Interesting turn in the E. Universe anyway, and watch how much attention this got in just few days :D Let's see what other planets we will get.

  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181

    I seriously hope that Micheal's father has had nothing to do with this, but then he was trying to flog off royalties at the funeral >.>

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  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    Nytewolf, The family had to be involved to some degree sinec one of them is the executor of the estate.  Papa Joe has been riding on the backs of those kids for decades. I suppose that makes the allegations against Michael some kind of perverse symmetry.  :)

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

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