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Couple of Questions from Lazzy tester

Ok. So I've forced my self in to playing some more FF14 and make one desperate attempt to like the game.

After playing around with game settings and driver settings I've managed to get rid of crashes and got at least one of my 480s to push this game at max settings. ( Sli profiles still's a mess).

So here's some questions:

is there any way to send a fast tell, or do I have to type first and last name every single time?

is there a general chat? and if so then how can I enter it, because last week I've seen goldspamming all over the place and now it's dead, everything is silent and no one talks, couldn't even get a group going.

Is there a way to find out which monsters are easy and which will rape my char by doing 5000 damage ? ( yes, I had some chicken looking thing kicking my ass with 4980 dmg).

Is there a way to get new armor and weapons ( no the basic ones) WITHOUT crafting eveyrhing, because I hate crafitng.

How to scroll a map to the left and to the right, up and down to see close by locations ( because I can't to do, only the current place I'm at and then regions in general).

how to check when your exp limit will hit the bar or start to decline ?


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