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So what about those system requirements?

I got my new PC Gamer today and it had a small but good article on DC universe. One thing repeats itself is that the graphics are great compared to "other Super hero games" . Since there is really only COH and CO those must be the other games.

CO has good graphics in my opinion and is not too much of a graphics hog. Being based on the Unreal 3 engine I cannot imagine DCUO being rediculous in this regards but I have not seen any estimated specs yet.

What's the word here? Any idea on requirements? I am worried if they go over the top they will alienate players who do not have a higher end PC. I won't be playing on a PS3 so don't really care about that.



  • VercinVercin Member UncommonPosts: 290

    I'mn a fan of the game and I will definetely be getting it when it arrives.

    The graphics to me don't actually look top notch, but that may be a sacrafice for the amount of physics that have been described.

    Some of the screenshots and videos look to me between COH and CO. I actually think CO looks a little better thent he DCUO videos I have seen.


    I would imagine that if you can run CO just fine DCUO will work fine,

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  • Joshua69Joshua69 Member UncommonPosts: 953

    I would like this answered as well. If you learn anything please post it!

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