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Capital Cities

WoOzyWoOzy Member Posts: 30

The Capital Cities of Azeroth have been a fascniation of mine. I love how each one is unique and each player may find some different aspect of each city that they like, or not.

Stated below are my opinions on certain cities. I would like to hear your own, just out of curiosity. Please try to give a reason to your choice and refrain from claiming one city 'rules' simply because you play a character of the race of that city.


Most impressive: Orgrimmar

By far the most impressive city to me. As soon as i enter the gates i am overwhelmed with feelings of tension, excitement and simply awe. Coupled with the music and the beating of the war drums realization dawns that you are but one creature of the horde and puts things in perspective. Also the city with the most character.


Most accessible: Darnassus

The easiest city to navigate in. Guards are plentiful and pretty much everything there is easy to find. The wide open spaces and buildings make for a pleasant experience whenever i return there. It has a smaller feel to it that the others but in the end it's nice and simple and sometimes those aspects count for more.


Most underrated: Thunderbluff

The Tauren stronghold of Thunderbluff is underrated, in my opinion. It might be just me, but i haven't heard from a lot of people about this city as much as the others. The unique structure of the city built upon mesas connected by rope bridges is simply astounding. I love being high atop the sky tower and of course, this city is best viewed by air image


Worst design: I have to say a tie between Stormwind and Undercity.

Sorry, SW fans, but things i like, such as the quaint narrow walkways of the mage quarter, the sound of tinkering in the dwarven district, is overshadowed by what i believe to be poor design. Other cities aren't that easy to get around in either but even after getting to know the place i find SW to be the least pleasurable to be in or navigate in.

As for UC, first of all, i was hoping for a much more evil feel, maybe a darker atmosphere and the feeling of impending doom, but something little things such as certain vendors having too much colour on their clothes, takes it away. But back to the main point of design, again navigation is a problem, i don't want to be too quick to judge as i feel i should spend some more time before i can condemn it, so to speak. Still, a fair chance of beating SW.


I still don't know what to say about Ironforge. It's quite over-bearing, what with the dwarf lord & his warhammer greeting you as soon as you come in. The auction house is very conveniently located and so is the bank, as well as most other places. The music starts off well once you come in but i am left disappointed towards the end.
Nevertheless quite impressive and in actuality only slightly behind Orgrimmar as one with a domineering disposition.



A planner is a gentle man, with neither sword nor pistol, he walks along most daintily because his balls are crystal

A planner is a gentle man, with neither sword nor pistol, he walks along most daintily because his balls are crystal


  • OnyxBMWOnyxBMW Member Posts: 207

    I hate ogrimmar...confusing city....

    IF, IMO, is the most straight-forward designed city, its a big ring surrounding the great anvil. What can be more straight forward than that? It looks awe-inspiring and it isn't just thrown together...

    NONE of them are thrown together. three cheers for the dev team for not copy and pasting!

    I've yet to see thunder bluff so no comment.


  • mmorpg_junkymmorpg_junky Member Posts: 27

    I'd have to say my favorite city so far would be Ogrimmar, seeing how it's the only main city I've really done alot of different things in. Kinda lags a bit when I'm near the auction house, but that's expected of course with all the traffic. Anyways, fun times there!!



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