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Noob Questions

ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,392

1) Can you level up 2 weapons/classes at the same time, on the same character ?

2) Is there a comprehensive information source that lists each spell/move for each weapon for each level ?


  • yippee22yippee22 Member Posts: 48

    My understanding is one weapon at a time but later, around lvl 40 I think, you can start a secondary weapon. I also saw a comment that given enough time you could master all weapons but may be a rumor. seems to be the best start for getting to info in detail.

    I like this Game very much.

  • Hellfyre420Hellfyre420 Member Posts: 861

    At lvl 60 you start you're sub class

    You can get lord in two classes and thats it.. but you can always use a weapon tome to switch over to a new class if you decide you don't like you're primary / sub later down the road.

    And there is a wiki up


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