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Habbo Hotel

FrankyDragonFrankyDragon Member Posts: 31



I don't know if this is the write place to post a review or anything but I thought I'd give a quick writeup on Habbo.


Habbo is fun for a younger audience but  I can see how someone at a younger age would get drawn into buying Habbo credits becase there are aspects of the game that can make it addictive.

I would say this game should be for the ages of about 6-13, the concept of the game is pretty buy furni (furniture) and design rooms, there is a trade system so you are able to merchant in the game to make money but to start off with the game properly you do need to buy 'Habbo credits" to get anywhere in the game or else you will find yourself begging other people for their credits as there is no way of earning the credit through the game unless like I said you merchant or bet in casinos (which can be a terrible thing to do). You don't have to buy credits, you can just play the game for social reasons but a person like me always wants to be the best in every game.

I played this game when I was younger for a few months, luckily didn't spend that much money because at this time I was still heavily addicted to Ultima Online and Runescape, Habbo didn't seem to matter that much.

I enjoyed the merchanting side of the game, I had a shop :)


Thanks Frank.

My name is Frank :)


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