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Question for f2pers

Skooma2Skooma2 Member UncommonPosts: 697

1.  As a f2per, are you going to roll on one of the existing servers, or on one of the four new servers Turbine is setting up?

2.  Why?

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  • zahir123zahir123 Member Posts: 21

    It depends I probably make a character in a new server if:

    1.- Not many veterans players make new characters there, this way the community is relatively the same without much veterans knowing the tricks and "running the economy".

    2.-My trail account if works in Silverlode, I probably play it if lag is intense in new servers.

    3.- If many players speak spanish in the new servers I probably play there but not certain.




  • ReaperUkReaperUk Member UncommonPosts: 726

    Since I have a lifetime subscription, I'll only roll a F2P character if I can do it on my usual server. I quite fancy a Minstrel so I can two box. I'm not under any illusions that it will be free though, Having been in the beta, I know  it's impossible to have anything like a normal mmorpg experience without spending at least some real money.

  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,011

    I have an old character on Landroval.  I will likely start playing on a new server and see how the community turns out.  If it is decent it might be good to keep going there and get that "fresh" feeling. . at least for awhile.  If it seems not much different or worse then I will go back to the old server.


    I think most people that have not played would want to be on a new server for two reasons.

    a) likely more F2P players . . so more are "limited" like yourself (who wants to be "gimped" on a server full of VIP vets)

    b) fresh start


    I might just resub though. . I tried the beta and forgot how much I enjoyed the game.

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  • paladiinpaladiin Member Posts: 12

    I plan on rolling on one of the new servers, most likely Riddermark and possibly some on Crickhollow.  As a brand new player to LOTRO, I'd much rather start on a new server.  Everyone is starting fresh, there isn't a messed up economy, and I imagine there will be a lot more players (like myself) who have no idea what they are doing!

    If the new servers end up being a mess, I might go switch to an older server, but at least at first the new servers are going to be where all the action is.

  • MorrowbreezeMorrowbreeze Member CommonPosts: 141

    there are going to be quite a few old veterans playing on the new servers too. But dont forget, they have to start completely over just like the now players. They will only help in ways like answering questions, showing or explaining how certain instances go when you group , stuff like that. so dont group with any vets if you want to learn instances for yourself. The economy cant be controlled by vets as they have to level right along with everyone else.

  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    Originally posted by zahir123

    3.- If many players speak spanish in the new servers I probably play there but not certain.


    OP please excuse the offtopic but there used to be a kinship on Silverlode called the LoTRO Latinos and they were pretty cool. Dunno if this is the same kinship but  any new or old Spanish speaking players may want to check out this page

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  • trancejeremytrancejeremy Member UncommonPosts: 1,222

    Personally I will re-roll a new character on one of the new servers so it can feel like I'm playing a MMORPG again.  Admittedly, ever since the announcement, things actually have been pretty busy on the sever I usually play on. But they are still a bunch of stuck up snobs that never talk outside of their kins or private channels.

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