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Craft of Gods.... free to play as of today!

TredoTredo Member UncommonPosts: 237

The news on the Craft of Gods website states a new F2P server open today....



  • DrilDril Member Posts: 107

    How's the population of the game doing? I know no one's covered it so I do wonder if it has even less peeps than Vanguard.

    RIFT was a *crushing* disappointment; a shallow, loveless, generic MMO the likes of which hasn't been seen in a P2P format since, well, forever.

    Eagerly awaiting: World of Darkness, ArcheAge.

  • TredoTredo Member UncommonPosts: 237

    I have just started playing this today, only a few hours thus far, the gameplay is fun, and emersive. Like the combat and classless style, Here is a copy of the CM newsletter for September, sounds like lots of changes coming and lots of cool stuff down the road, for a f2p might be worth a go. I'm having fun so far.....


    Community Manager Newsletter - September 2010

    We managed to complete the program we announced back in July, bringing in the game over 300 new quests which include cave challenges, named quests, PVP quests. We have also introduced a series of quests that drive the players towards the different areas based on the level and quests that allow them to explore the maps of each area. We introduced the named mobs that drop items and have to be found on the various maps.

    This was one of the main objectives we set ourselves, along with a redesign of EXP that was also accomplished. Now the experience you get from quests is greater, making it easier for players to level up. Mobs level was also balanced.

    Regarding bugs, we have solved many of those that we set as a goal. There are still some that we find difficult to replicate because they occur randomly. But we are continuing to test them in order to be able to identify the cause.

    Now let's talk about what's new.

    I think you all know the biggest news: the introduction of the F2P server. We explained the reasons in the announcement, but we would like to add that the decision to create two servers has actually been made in order to give users the chance to play as they wish. The market now is split between F2P and P2P, and consequently the players are divided, preferring one mode or the other. We wanted to create the free choice, but with a special feature: the ability to switch from one mode to the other. This is something that currently no one else on the market offers, and something that really allows players to feel free to enjoy the game as they wish.

    The two servers are essentially the same, so much so that future patches will be applied to both servers simultaneously, and any change made on one server, will also be valid for the other. We will communicate specific differences, if any, but they'll be mainly related to objects, rather than features and areas.

    Furthermore, the introduction of the F2P server comes with the insertion in game of about 600 new objects including rings, totems, necklaces, enchantments for weapons and armors, new teleports, bank expander and others. This had not been announced in our last newsletter, but we believe it is something you'll appreciate.

    What are we working on now?

    The introduction of a new dungeon, the Caves of Tallion, will be the first big and short-term novelty. It's a non-instanced dungeon where both dark and light players will be able to access and, with the whole dungeon shared, it will combine PVE and PVP elements. It will not be possible for dark players to use the light entrance and vice versa, but each faction will have its own entry. Then, both entrances will lead to common areas through corridors inhabited by monsters of increasingly high level. There is also an area, accessible by both factions, which is inhabited by very high level monsters and bosses, including the monster that will be the most powerful one in Craft of Gods at release: a true challenge for everyone. The bosses will drop both legendary weapons and high value items such as rings, necklaces and totems.

    Along with the new dungeon, we're going to introduce a new AI system for bosses (both new ones and some of the current ones) so that they'll have to be faced with very specific strategies in order for the players to defeat them.

    We are also working on Achievements, a series of tasks in game that, once met, will allow players to receive bonuses on their character and to accompany their character's name with special tags.

    We are also preparing a series of timed events in game that will be of various kinds and deadlines, and that will include the opening of new areas, new named, or drops available at certain times.

    Finally, in addition to new quests and to the progress of work on Atlantis, we are preparing a new PVP area that will be based on RvR and not on GvG.

    A lot of news, then, and hopefully a lot of fun!

  • DaftDaft Member UncommonPosts: 140


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