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Destiny6 needs your help!

We at Dolmen Creative have finally gotten it beaten into our heads: to make a better than good roleplaying game product, you need to have money and support. So, we come to the public to ask for your help. We are looking to get the Destiny6 Roleplaying Game: Core Rulebook into print by late February 2011. Why, you may be asking yourself, are they looking for help now if the book won't be printed until February? Simple answer, it's all about how the behind the scenes of the publishing world and deadlines. The PDF release of the book is being laid out as we type this, and will be available for sale in December 2010. We have artwork by a number of industry greats, and cartography by one of the Cartography Guild's own: the immortal Robert Altbauer (aka -- Sapiento). The production quality is fantastic and is shaping up to be one of the best PDF releases of the year. Availibility of the PDF will be maximized over a number of websites, and we are sure to be on many gamer's lips and hard drives before the spring of 2011. The basic production costs have been paid and the PDF price point is going to be low ($30 US for 350+ pages). We would like keep the print version to $30-$35 as well, however, the cost of printing is immense and would normally drive the final cover price of the book up, but we are prepared to offer those who would like to help us keep the cost down a deal. We are looking for patrons from the community to our Kickstarter project (you can find the project here). Depending on the patronage level, you could receive any (or all) of the following benefits, perks, and swag:

  • $5 Dolmen Creative gift certificate (5 stones)

  • A copy of the PDF

  • Autographed copy of the printed book

  • Development credit and special thanks in the Core Rulebook

  • Developer's access to the book a month before the PDF is released

  • PDF copies of the 4 core books (Core RulebookGamemaster's GuideBestiary, and Multiverse Primer)

  • Join us at GenCon 2011 (vendor's badge--get in on Wednesday, hotel room, and invitations to after-hours industry-only parties)

Please visit our Kickstarter Project page or our website for more information.

Dolmen Creative

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