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Thinking of playing....

impiroimpiro Member Posts: 204

I've seen the other threads about the same issue but they didn't really answer my questions, so I will start my own.

I tried Guildwars before, 2 times actually. At release I loved it, but I kind of stopped at level 11. I tried it again about 1.5 years ago, yet again, when I got out of the Newb area I quit. I actually had a great time in the newb area, I just never really like the area that came after that. You know the dessert area. I just was bored out of my mind in it. Also in both the times I played I kind of felt overwhelmed when getting out of the newbarea. I didn't really knew were to go or what to do. Now I am more of sandbox player, but again the dessert areas are so boring to explore, so monotonous and...well just boring.

Another thing that caused me to quit the second time arround was becauset I kind of felt alone and I had the feeling I would never really catch up with the veterans in the game. I really dislike to use henchman all of the time.

But then I remembered that some of the expansions are standalone, and maybe I could start out in another area and just play casually. I really like unlocking things in games (even when they are just fluff) and taking my time to explore everything and experience all the content. I was thinking of trying nightfall as I really like the new classes introduced in this expansion. I also saw a complete collection for just 25 euros, which seemed fair to me.

Is it worth a third try for me considering my previous experience?

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