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Looking for a F2P Space Combat MMO

akiira69akiira69 Member UncommonPosts: 607

I am looking for a Free 2 Play Space Combat MMO to play while I wait for Black Prophecy and Taikodom to open.


System SPecs of my SomeWhat Decent Puter

Windows 7 64bit

AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz

5Gbs RAM 

Nvidia 6400GT 1gbs

500Gbs Hard Drive

"Possibly we humans can exist without actually having to fight. But many of us have chosen to fight. For what reason? To protect something? Protect what? Ourselves? The future? If we kill people to protect ourselves and this future, then what sort of future is it, and what will we have become? There is no future for those who have died. And what of those who did the killing? Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with blood stained hands? Is that the truth?"


  • RogueSevenRogueSeven Member Posts: 321

    i think black prophecy is the only free to play space combat mmo coming out in the near future, and will be one of the, if not THE, 1st.

    if you have a couple bucks to spare, jumpgate might be worth a month or so of play, still a (very) small community there, there might be a trial, not sure though. of course there is eve online, that has the 14 day trial. there is also STO if you dare try it...personally im willing to check the game out...if i win the current contests here lol. last...and prolly least (as far as the game in general not the space part), swg..swg has a few space additions coming soon that affect the ground game, adding player owned capital ships i think, but it could just be an NPC put in place by a faction controlling the sector, best you check the forums for more info. personally, i loved swg's space game, but i dont like that it is just a second though for the devs,the few that are left, so hopefully SW: TOR will have a decent space game...not looking that way though.

    basically, you're out of luck until BP comes out, i'd say try to get in the beta for it, until then find something else to take up your time. currently im playing league of legends as well as borderlands, diablo 2, APB every now and then since i got a bunch of sub time from selling ingame items at launch, as well as the occasional awesome deal on steam (e.g plain sight for 2 bucks was a nice bargain)...sorry there just arent many space mmos out there...let alone free ones. you could maybe pick up freelancer.

    in the near future, i think the clone wars mmo is f2p, that has a space game i think, dont get your hopes up though it is SOE and Clone Wars crap. also there is company of heroes online coming out soon if you like RTS, the first company of heroes was pretty fun and i believe this free to play version is going to be virtually the same game.

    unfortunately sci-fi, let a lone a space based mmo, isnt as attractive to some developers as the usual cookie cutter fantasy nonsense, however, with 3 space games that have potential coming out soon(tm), jumpgate evolution, black prophecy, battlestar galactica, maybe we will see some good games coming out that fit our needs in this genre

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