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Gundam, Sandbox, Pvp, Crafting

lordhalolordhalo Member Posts: 3

So im here to try and get more people on to the revived gundam mmo, orginaly a Japan only game after it was shut down it has been brought back for everyone.


I played the orginal server and its quiet addicting

Some of you might have heard of it its called UCGO, And its a completely free for all sandbox game.

Now there is no quest in this game, only skill points that you can improve and ALOT of very hard to obtain mobile suits.

The pvp is open world, if you see the other faction you can attach on sight.. Even there crafters.

Wall there is Mobile suits from the vendors, all of the best gear comes from crafting and crafting is no joke to level and get the hang of. The extreamly high end MS have a high fail right and lots of rare resources needed, some in the orginal where only seen once or twice because of the challange it was to find and make them.


My main focus of the game is just pvp, now to be fair the combat system is a bit dull but still very enjoyable and ranges from Sniping, to melee combat and even air combat(dogfights).

Theres space, and a 1 to 1 scale of assie as the main zone theres lots too see and do, and over all is quiet enjoyable.


The new server is currently still under testing phases but is almost completlely working, the only thing thats really different is you have money and resources and skills to start off with instead of being a complete noob.


Come test it out, The zeon side needs some players. Catch me in game on Halo (zeon) or Jay(EF)

To find the server just google "UCGO" and throw in server at the end ;)

Im not sure if posting the full link is ok  or not.

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