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Patch Server Issues

LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,921

Is anyone else having trouble connecting to the Patch Server?


When I start Wizard 101 I am able to login, but it fails to connect to the Patch Server and returns the message "Wizard 101 has encountered an error. This should be temporary. Please try again." It refers me to solution 126 in the knowledge base, which I have followed, but has not solved my problem.

I have further tried restarting my router and deactivating my firewall (including Windows Firewall), but to no avail. It has been doing this since Wednesday morning, so I don't think today's log in issues have anything to do with the problem. I did contact support but it looks like their apparent maximum wait time for a reply of 48 hours isn't quite true.


Trust this to happen when I just subscribe to the game for the first time ><



  • KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsleMember Posts: 158


    Sorry to hear you're having issues.


    If you don't get a support response within 24-48 hours, make sure the email address you have on file with is valid and that the emails are not filtering into the SPAM folder. Some internet providers such as AOL, AIM and Yahoo will delay or in some cases outright block emails from 

    I've copied the full resolution here, in case the error message did not provide enough information. I know you've reset your router and deactivating the firewall, but the advanced network settings may need to be adjusted.




    Error 126

    If you receive this error solution number, or are unable to patch the game then the below solutions may resolve your problem.


    Resetting your Proxy Settings:

    Open your browser window

    Choose "Tools" from your browser's menu section.

    Click "Internet Options" and open the "Connections" tab

    Choose "LAN Settings" to open a new window.

    "Automatically Detect Settings" should be checked. UNLESS you are running an advanced network, then look below.

    If this is checked we recommend that you uncheck it, click OK, then come back to the menu and recheck it.

    Restart your PC after this and try to load Wizard101.

    If you're using an advanced network:

    Verify the "Use a Proxy Server for your LAN" box is checked and that the address and port match the settings you obtained from your network setup or helpdesk. If you have a script instead of an address and port, be sure the script address is entered under "Automatic Configuration." Also, be sure the check box for "Use Automatic Configuration Script" is checked. Click "OK" to finish.

    Resetting your Firewall Exception Lists:

    If the above doesn't work, then potentially your Firewall exception list could be the trouble. We recommend that you reset it back to defaults. Each Firewall manufacture achieves this a little different so you may need to check with your software's support site to find the correct instructions.


    If these solutions still do not work we will need you to send a support ticket to us (via the email with a copy of your patch client logs. 

    To get this file just go to the directory where you installed the game, there should be a Patch Client folder.  Inside should be BankA and BankB.  Each of these folders should contain the file WizardLauncher.log.txt  Just use the Attach File function of whatever email client you use to attach both of those to your email to us.

    Alternately, you can send your email to and the community manager will take a look.

    Again, sorry for the trouble, but we'll get you back in the Spiral in no time!


  • LaFaLaFa Member UncommonPosts: 1
    having the same issue.. and i was playing in the closed beta - never happened to me before ;[
  • KingsIsleKingsIsle Community Manager of KingsIsleMember Posts: 158

    Please reach out to our support team via email to (that's K I N G S I S L E) and they can further assist you with these unfortunately technical issues that you are encountering.



  • Isaak9898Isaak9898 Member Posts: 1

    hi, please help me my computer got stuck still line"unable launch game. Please download and run the wizard101 installer again" i need fix or help me please 


    Thanks you,


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