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Looking for a new MMO!

LuthainnLuthainn Member Posts: 19

Hey everyone! Im looking for a new Mmorpg,some I play for a long time,some I just play for a short period of time and get bored of. Ill give a list of the ones I've played (P.S. It's impossible to say all of them,so Ill say the common ones.)

- Runes of Magic

- Silkroad

- Knight Online

- Heroes of Three Kingdoms

- Battle of the Immortals

- Hero Online

- 2Moons

- Sho Online

- Talisman Online


I want something fantasy with like nice detailed armor,upgrading,glowing.


Well,if you have any suggestions please say them!


Im also waiting for King of Kings and Forsaken World to come out. xD



  • KatealystKatealyst Member Posts: 14

    You may want to check out Zentia. It is a humorous Princess Bride. We have silly outfits, glowing weapons, and awesome armor. Other cool features include an extensive pet and mount system (you tame them yourself!), mounted combat and multi-player mounts (10 person dragon) and a Guild city! Also Pkers can be sent to jail through a jail system! If you want to check out our Dev Blog it is here:

    Official Site:

  • LuthainnLuthainn Member Posts: 19

    Hmm,sounds cool,but I looked at a video and theres one downflaw,its way to cartoony. I want something serious and like nice graphics.


  • KatealystKatealyst Member Posts: 14

    To be honest.. the video is not that great and doesn't show how cool the graphics really are. In the thread here under the game search the comments were all people saying that it didn't look good, graphics sucked, etc. Then one by one as they tried it they all liked it.

    Yeah the graphics are a little cartoon like, but it IS a hardcore mmorpg with PvP, and PvE both instances and raids.


    Thread if you want to check it out:


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