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lfg and group

sanibaksanibak Member UncommonPosts: 14

Right now I'm looking for a free mmo that has a few things...


1.  A character class that is similar to a summoner

2.  If there is not a 1 option then atleast a decent pet system and a mage class that is not gimped.  Not looking for overpowered just one that stands a chance.

3. I like pvp and once I've gotten used to the game I would participate(but this feature isn't reaquired)

4.  Don't mind the anime themed such but really don't like 2d mmos



And as for a group.  I am 27 and have been playing online games since I was 16.   I work full-time and am taking college classes so I can't guarantee I would be capable of playing all day everyday but if I have the time I will be on willing to help or join in any activities. 


Well, can't think of anything else so if there are questions just message me and I'll respond as soon as I can...and thanks in advance for any suggestions

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