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New video


There are 3 ship show cased on that page as well as some pics to go along with the video.


  • echose7enechose7en Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Nice vid, wish they would get this game out quicker.


  • EndDreamEndDream Member Posts: 1,152

    Looks good.. but with so much competition coming (black prophesy, SWTOR etc) its going to be hard for this game to succeed.

    Remember Old School Ultima Online

  • freejackmackfreejackmack Member Posts: 378

    JGE does not have any real competition. JGE is the only mmo with it's combination of non instanced game play and its' a sci-fi space shooter mmo with no dice rolls, if your gun does 3 points of damage 3 points of damage is taken of the vitctum, and 3 faction rvrvr plus  pve stuff akin to raids/missions. It is designed mainly as pvp rvrvr game with big battles of around 700+ players in the same sector and the control scheme is unique.

    Soft grouping for missions and missions play out as a movie where as you finish the mission there is no need to turn it in at the station. You simply get an update as to the progression of the story and new objective.

    Looting in JGE is by far the best mechanic in JGE. Every person gets there own loot bag and that ensures that everyone gets rewarded for there efforts in raids; and it's about time I don't have to grind for cash just to afford raiding for goodness sake!

    Xp is given out to everyone that helps and is rewarded according to their participation. No more power lvling or lazy people getting rewarded or mission target thefts as it were.

    It's my kind of game. There is no other game claiming the same things. So basically it has no competition imo.

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