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Athosia Beta Test Live On 28th

lovemiki171lovemiki171 Member Posts: 1

Grant me your strength and blessed me with your might. I will conquer the whole land of Athosia and slaughter the enemy in your name. ”

The battle cry and divine plea from the champions claim that the final battle among Athosia has come.

Athosia is brand new a browser base Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game which is suit for everyone to play. You can be an uber player who spends a long time grinding monsters, or as a casual player who log in to the game 10 minutes every day.

Everything is up to you, Athosia is fun for everyone.

Create your own character, became a warrior wearing polishing your sword and heavy armor to protect your royalty kingdom, or a rogue who does not have any basic knowledge of the word “law”, or even a mage who addict to dark magic.

Join us [b]FREE[/b] in our open beta for FREE and experience your second life in the world of Athosia!

Learn more by clicking our Official website:]

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