Last news from RV2

AlezzyAlezzy BratonciMember Posts: 2

its not much but it's more than we heard for months... have a read yourself.





  • commanderjimcommanderjim HarrowMember Posts: 40

    Good find Columbus, lets hope it does lead somewhere and the devs tell us something.

    Commander Jim

    Were all living on knife's edge when will you fall off?

  • LorkenLorken New York, NYMember Posts: 17

    christmas of 2017 lol

  • SaorlanSaorlan LeedsMember Posts: 289

    If you want a good laugh just read through the comments left by ex-player pretending to be KFR and Jooky :)

    Very very funny:

    Fred Hasson commented:

    Look, we know that we made false claims to sell RV and keep getting players to give us money.  We feel really badly about that.  We know that we deceived and neglected the very community that kept the game alive when we couldn't do it ourselves.  We feel really badly about that as well.  

    RV was a success.  Many people claim that it was not.  But were able to get MUCH more money out of players than we deserved to.  In that respect it was a jolly good show.  And we feel badly about, too.

    In fact, the RV community probably deserves an apology more anything.  So here it is: we apologize, and we won't ever do something like that again.  Just wait until RV2 comes out.  You'll see.  Trust me.  


  • FreedomBladeFreedomBlade LeedsMember UncommonPosts: 281

    Well it looks like RV2 is never going to happen now and do we really need it?

    Yeah the Roman / historical setting was really good but Xsyon takes everything that was RV and improves on it 100 times.

    All the old issues that RV had with zone bubbles and all that are not present in Xsyon. I am have finally come to the conclusion that KFR never fixed the basic problems with RV because it was Jooky that made the engine and it was Jooky that was the only person that had the knowledge to fix it. So KFR made false promises for 4 years as he knew he could only tinker with what Jooky had made.

    Anyway my interest in RV2 has now stopped as the real talent from RV has made Xsyon and it is great!


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