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OMG Kane & Lynch 2 is so bad

melmoth1melmoth1 Member Posts: 762

First of all, I LOVED Kane & Lynch 1. Despite the bad reviews, I loved the story. I loved the dialogue and I loved the atmosphere. With K&L I felt the initial urban levels were best and fitted with a Michael Mann or Sidney Lumet type movie and that the game lost edge - narrative wise - with the jungle settings of the latter half. But I loved the first half so much that I consider the game a classic. A gamer's equivalent of Heat or Dog Day Afternoon. I rate it that highly on the first half alone.

So I had high hopes with the new game and its urban setting in Shanghai.

But the story is TERRIBLE. I play games like this for the movie experience and I can forgive much but this takes the cake. No sense of care for character. Soon after Lynch arrives it is a total duck and shoot fest - no attachment to character or consequence, no sense of "I wanna get payback", no sense of meaningful tragedy...just a nonsense no-sense killing spree. What were they thinking? This is SO bad. I feel NOTHING for these characters because there is no sensible story.

In terms of gameplay.  The game is duck and shoot continuously, while the original seemed to have more fluidity and verve.

But the biggest crime is story. They totally lost the script here. They have some nice new cinematic visual touches, but without the proper sense of direction and narrative, this game is lame, lame, lame.


Just my two pence.





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