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Mourning's combat system ?

ChronoklazmChronoklazm Member Posts: 1

Hello first i'm am a newcomer to this site so hi to evrybody !

I'm seeking a mmo like Planetside with some rpg elements, and i think i've found it ! ::::28::

I'pretty surprised by a sentence i have read at Mourning official site :
"No more classes and no more " or something, so i just try to imagine the gamplay of this mmo, and from a logic deduction i think that it could be what i'm seeking for ::::29::

I've played Anarchy Online for 8 months but the combat system just bothered me ... i hope that Mourning combat system is NOT a pseudo turn per turn combat system like most of mmorpg and is not a simple shooter too.

So my question is what style of combat will Mourning include ?

PS: Sorry for my poor english ::::33::


  • kingsnuffkingsnuff Member Posts: 73

    lots of info at the link above^  this is a link to the FAQ mourning site on combat, Looks to be more fun and complexe than other mmorpg's on the market.

  • minearminear Member Posts: 63

    Yeah it is aldo a twitch combat system so you dont wait to swing he just does it! :)

    If sharing my all knowing wisdom offends you I apologize........kinda!

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