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Why, God, why?

CrazedBeaverCrazedBeaver Member Posts: 73

I was once again tempted by the newest update.  And reading the patch notes thread on the official forum, someone said "they are clearly trying to kill the game off for good".  And I couldn't help but agree.

I see they are increasing the level of MoS mobs and decreasing the attack power of attributes.  So now my dark mage is further gimped.  For me the end was a previous update when they made lvl 78+ mobs take less damage when they are 2 levels over your character.  That took me from having 3 spots to grind for months on end, to having 2 spots at best.  Now I'm down to 1 grinding spot.  A spot I've already spent months working.  I simply can't do it.  

I just don't understand why they would do these things.  IMO, they should just merge the servers, load up Chronicle 4, boot it up and walk away.  Nothing they've done in the last 3 years has improved the game.  It's sad really.  Seriously sad what they did to this once amazing game.


R.I.P Lineage.  You were the best.  I'm sorry for all the crying I did.  I didn't know what I had until it was gone.


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196


  • JacarJacar Member Posts: 14

    LineageII never was a solo player game, which you make it sound like you were into that style of play.  It was designed to be played in groups, utilizing the special skills of each party member to create an effective fighting force.  There is a great deal of content that cannot be accessed alone, and for that reason I posted this comment.

    As for your comment about killing the game, I couldn't agree with you more.  I've been playing since closed beta, and it seems like one decision after another has lead to only one eventual conclusion:  the game's demise.  The latest example of this is the server merges.  They should have taken a hint from Lineage, where they extended the life of the game by creating a server oriented for those players who actually enjoy the RPG side of MMOs.  That however is not what happened.  They only listened to the vocal minority when deciding our fate. 

    By not creating an RPG-oriented environment that limited PvP to only sieges, clan wars and duals, they ran off the larger player base.  What was left is the adrenaline junkies who treat the game like an FPS and those few players who decided to tough it out in the hopes that they could catch up to the botters and cheaters.  But with this last server merge they sealed the fate of the game.  Now you have one server with a larger community of flamers and griefers who will eventually get bored because the real meat and potatoes players in the game will have left it for good.

    You'd think they would get it right, wouldn't you?

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