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EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

As a result of the decoding of intercepted messages, it was determined that something was to occur at 17:00 MA time on Wednesday, August 18th. The coordinates deciphered were 864122, 83488, 127 which is between Minopolis and Fort Pandora.

I don't think I've ever seen so many ubers gathered in one place before, and of course, they brought their Vehicles. Perhaps for a fast getaway? Nah ... ubers don't run!

All of the big societies were represented, including a lot of well-known Entropians. Approximately 200-300 people (maybe more) were gathered waiting patiently for something to happen.

DJ Stave was covering the event on Atlas Haven Radio, and Community Manager Hanne Gulbrandsen arrived as well, but seemed more annoyed that Stave was playing Queen on the radio than being bothered much with the bots.

There was action of course, starting with little Spider Bombers acting like ankle biters, but they got taken down fast, and then the bigger mobs appeared, like Drone Coordinators, Defenders, Warrior Elites, Warrior Exterminators and Warrior Commanders.

Finally, the moment arrived when Hydra appeared ...

He was tall and intimidating, but that didn't last long. As he moved towards the crowd, Art of War took aim, and shortly thereafter, if was all over but the golden swirlies. Art of War collected a 144 PED Global, but no information is available at this time as to what the loot contained. Afterwards it was told, that the loot contained: Chronicle Shins M, Tiger feet F and an A106.

Entropian Electra Lightning said: "Hydra looked like an angry lego man with a lighter" ... I could not have described Hydra any better myself.

Community Manager Hanne Gulbrandsen said: "What can I say ... is this the end? What purpose did this serve for the robots? Hmmm ..."

People became frustrated to see that nothing else was going to happen, so they kept asking Hanne if this was it.

Finally, after several minutes, Hanne replied: "It looks like it is indeed the end! For now ..." - and then logged off.

Indeed, the question stands - was this another step for humanity, or do the robots have yet another evil plan in store for Entropians. What was the real purpose for this attack? Could it be that they were testing our strengths and weaknesses?

I guess we will have to wait and see ...

(See also EP's victory over the BotNet and Robot Event August 2010 )


post origionally made by Lykke of entropiaplanets.com


  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    The Hydra can hit for at least 982 points. I speak from personal experience.  Ouch!

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85
  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    Nah, after 150-ish, I stopped feeling it. That's why we'll win, the robots are inefficient!  :)

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,221

    What exactly is this?

    is this like in game event that is specifically made by the GM? or in the 7 years time on this game, is the 1st Hydra encounter for all entropians?

    who dechiper the code?

    is this some kind of raid?


    i dont get it at all that a raid involving a Community Manager

    So What Now?

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    This was a special event made by FPC with a "storyline" and the first time any of us have seen the Hydra.

    The robots (who we have been at war with 2 times already) were building special robots named Hydra. They were testing them out and were communication with eachother in code in our global chat system. Those codes were translated by the community (well mostly Aia in the forums. With translating the coded we learned about the tima and locations of the tests and we were there to  destroy the Hydra's and make the tests fail.

    With some new stuff happening and The Book of the Machine that dropped a few days ago, the rumers are that this 'event' is not over yet...


    Hanne the Community Manager just added some 'spice' to the story and gave us a nice cliffhanger.

  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,221

    sorry, but what's an FPC

    and i have been seeing a lot of Special Events in Entropia, are they different each year?

    and usually in the game, there is an Event with Tickets that we must buy, what exactly are those events?

    is it the same as this event?

    So What Now?

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    FPC = First Planet Company, the company that owns and runs the planet

    These events are not player run but run by the game company (FPC) and are therefor free to take part in.

    These events are not run every year, but they just show up one time.

    The event for wich you have to buy tickets are events run by players on some Land Area or other event area. These event give you a chance to win some nice money if you win, but choose well in wich event you take part, some ar very hard to win because some uber players will take part as well.

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    For all practical purposes, consider anything that regards the Robot Wars as company run events tied to the story line of the game. An exception to this (sort of) is the H-Day event that was organized by the Society I am Vice President of, Manticore.


    H-Day was to be a reclaiming by humanity of the crater that was Hadesheim, our Capital city. Hadesheim was destroyed by the impact of a massive robot craft on a suicide run... if robots commit suicide, anyway.  On the anniversay weekend, Manticore spearheaded an all volunteer force into the robot-occupied crater, held our ground, and even managed to set up a crude temporary bar at Ground Zero.

    Then, the robots retaliated, and they retaliated with a vengeance. Large numbers of advanced generation robots appeared and attacked the human forces at Hadesheim, and many other cities of Calypso. This was a battle of the likes that had not been see on on Calypso for a long time. Some of the attack forces are still on-planet, shoring up the low level of robot activity that seems to always plague the colony,  though they have been pushed back from all the metropolitan areas of the planet,.

    As mentioned earlier, it seemed that the height of this most recent battle for the survuval of humanity on Calypso was when colonists managed to decode "intercepted" robot comm traffic and defeated the Hydra series of  robots by firepower or cunning.

    The appearance of The Book of the Machine on Calypso may indicate that the war isn't over, or that there is a 5th column of robot sympathisers operating on Calypso. Stay tuned!




    ... Lootius as my witness, we never thought the frakkin' robots would retaliate on H-day. 

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

  • AlphaGeekAlphaGeek Member Posts: 190

    ...and a quick update!


    It has now become apparent why the robots retaliated in force for the H-Day initiative.


    Earlier this week, a massive EM pulse was detected in the vicinity of the Hadesheim Crater. Colonist volunteers scouted the area in VTOL craft and discovered that War Titan Typhon has apparenlty not been totally destroyed in the impace as we'd believed.  Some sections of wreckage and even new contruction were observed.

    Along with this bad news, we learned that something that appeared to be Shelly Nakajima, a reporter for the Entropia Broadcast Network (killed and unrevivable by any means in a robot attack at Jason Center 18 months ago) was with the robot forces in the Hadesheim Crater. Apparently, the robots had done something to her corpse.

    Robot attacks have increased. We're seing new robot types, such as the Steelbird, in massive numbers.

    The robots haven't stopped cooking up new threats either. This week, the "Harbinger" series began attacking cities and adding their strength to the areas held by robotic forces. The chilling suspicion is that these are not entirely mechanical. Harbingers appear to be cyborgs, but where are the robots getting living tissue for these abominations?

    Alpha AG Geek
    Founder- Manticore Society

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