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  • ScribbleLay1ScribbleLay1 Member Posts: 177

    What Cryptic did was make a game in about two years with only two months at the most content, even now going on one year after release they only added about maybe another month worth on content.  As I see it, if they done what the majority of decent companies do and take four or five years to develope and release the game, they would have five or six months content and that would be about right for a release.

  • AG-VukAG-Vuk Member UncommonPosts: 823

    No point in anyone wasting money on this POS , it's going F2P . The only question now is how far behind Champions is it.


  • ScribbleLay1ScribbleLay1 Member Posts: 177

    I must say one thing and that is tht my playing time has been cut down to about 1 hour a week and that is only to do the weekly missions.  This game has become so tedious that I lost interest half way thru the Defari missions and just logged out and played Civilazation.

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