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What class combo should i play?

drazzahdrazzah Member UncommonPosts: 437

Hey yall, need a game to play during college and i decided to go with GW since its got no subscription (College kid + paying for my own college = broke). I kinda have an acute case of ADD mixed with OCD and i really cant decide what class to play for myself, so i thought id ask people who actually know the classes. 


This is what i like in a toon, so if anyone could, please try and match this to what i should play


- I play PVP

- I like a mix of Melee and ranged, i mostly perfer melee.

- Must be a primary dps, i dont like to main heal or main tank. I LOVE HYBRIDS

- A well balanced toon, im not a big fan of "stacking strength" if you know what i mean. Id like a toon who can deal some nice damage, but also have good def or be able to heal and not die fast.

- When i PvP, i mostly go solo, but thus being GW, id like to be helpful with a group also.

- Im not a huge fan of the "cookie cutter" builds, but... If it either means owning, i will do it anyway.


This might be to much to ask, but please, what class combo do YOU think will fit me the best, and why?


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