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Troy, TBS, My Home new patch

RegomarRegomar Member Posts: 122

This patch was both good and bad.  The new battle system is good but is generally agreed that the mobs in it hit WAY too hard.  Level 130's in a  full group were having SERIOUS trouble with getting mercs 1-shotted in the level 95 Troy dungeon.  Seriously.

The Good:

- New content, lots of new areas using the new battle system, and a bunch of new quests.

- My Home is neat if you're into the Sims or something.

- Troy dungeons actually require teamwork, something this game has never needed before.

- New gear (although almost impossible to get the materials for)

- New mercanary.  (although almost impossible to get the materials for)


The Bad:

- Horribly glitchy, lag spikes, and the chat text is now so small that everyone has to talk in caps to read it.

- Yet another in a long string of loot nerfs making gearing up at a high level almost impossible without heavy item mall usage

- Nerf to the Jackpot system which was the main way people in the game made money

- Daily quests now reset only 2 or 3 times a week, making it very difficult to level or train new mercs.

- You can now only reset a questline once a day through Hui Ciao, meaning that if you were below 130 before this patch, good luck getting there (or to 140).  Since there is almost no content other then the almost impossible TBS battles for 120+, resetting quests was the only way to progress.  Now you can't.

- The new merc-only earrings and bracelets are twice as expensive as they are in Korean Atlantica for no reason, meaning it will cost almost 5 billion gold to outfit your mercs in them and there will be a serious shortage of mounts for people to buy with in-game gold since all item mallers will be sacrificing their mounts and cloths for these bracelets and earrings (the only way to get them into circulation in the first place)

- Any decent My Home items require Atlas Ore, which is an item mall only commodity.

- Raising level cap from 130 to 140, when there's nowhere near enough content to get from 120-130 (without repeating quests the same quests a hundred times), and less than a  single level's worth of content from 130-140.  But if you want to compete in PvP, you'll have to grind those levels anyway or lose.


  • aekeemaekeem Member Posts: 14

    they're killing their game with their greed, too bad no one else has stepped up and ripped off their combat system yet.  maybe a half decent company that could produce a game and actually provide some interesting content.

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