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looking for some cool people to play with

miketopgunmiketopgun Member Posts: 5

hey looking for some cool people to play with got no real friends to play with looking forward to meeting some people names in the game are




  • AhyaAikawaAhyaAikawa Member Posts: 6

    The story of the game is rather interesting and strongly gives the sense of the unending struggle between the powers of light and darkness. This, in turn is one facet of the game, allowing you to choose with which fraction you will be allied. Thus, your choices are to work towards saving the land or bringing about its oblivion. However, this also works towards the race and or class your character will attempt to master. Much like other MMORPGs, this is inclusive of a mix between close-ranged combatants, long ranged warriors, casters and swift rouges and or assassins. When first entering the game, new player?s may feel a little overwhelmed by the games size, especially if they are not use to such large and expansive game terrains. Furthermore, it may also take some time getting use to finding your quests, how to effectively level your character and where to find the best training spots for your level and skill. With that said, I should mention that the graphics in this game are rather impressive and surely some of the best we have seen in games such as this, in a long time. But, saying that, I must also note, this game did really remind me of that old Guild Wars sensation, in terms of appeal and visual lay out.

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