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Unamed MMO project will use swg pre-cu game mechanics?

A friend I have in the game industry was telling me he is working on a team thats making an mmo with hero engine software. thats not the part that excited me. he said the lead developer was an ex SWG Vet and was resurrecting all the old professions and systems that were in swg pre-cu? when I kept pressing him on it he said. "All systems" are in the design phase and many old swg pre-cu professions will be resurrected! minus jedi since that's a trademark of lucas arts.he said he would not go into any more details, but  I did some searching and found that the name of the company is called


If i get any more info i want to share here it it's allowed.


  • HypeHype Member CommonPosts: 270

    That's actually kind of intelligent.  Making games to capture disenfranchised gamers from other games could possibly pan out.  Possibly.  Best of luck to all. I know the Hero System is a big investment for a startup developer. Kudos.

    The Illusion of Choice

  • elockeelocke Member UncommonPosts: 4,335

    This is fine, as long as they don't mess up the actual CONTENT of the game like they did with Pre-CU SWG. I remember hating the fact that unlocking jedi required a horrible grind and not some cool ultra long hardcore QUEST line. I also remember grinding to master teras kasi or master commando and being like....ok, now what?

    In other words, the problem with Pre-CU SWG had nothing to do with the actual game mechanics. It was the rest of the game's content. For me at least.

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